The Desert Princess

Lake Mead Cruises is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. We booked a mid-day sightseeing cruise, but they also offer a champagne brunch cruise or a dinner cruise. The tour takes about an hour and half and you have a choice of three decks. The lower deck has table seating, the middle deck has a snack and beverage bar, and the open top deck surrounds you with panoramic views of the lake and mountains.

The hills and curves of the road to the harbor is like riding a roller coaster, but driving like and Indy race car drive isn’t suggested!02The Desert Princess approaching her dock.23Private marina.18Floating dock.04Deckhands doing deckhand stuff.16Cement blocks keep the Desert Princess dock from floating across the lake.20Entrance bridge.19Rain shower in the distance dropping water on Las Vegas..25We couldn’t figure out where these working men were going or what their profession was.22Passengers enjoying the view from the top deck.06This is the deep canyon in which Hoover Dam is built.12It wasn’t easy climbing these stairs in rough water!24Boaters are following the rules because not a piece of litter could be seen anywhere.13From this angle the water’s amazing color was captivating.28I enjoyed watching the waves crash against the hull of the boat.33The power wheel.07A windy day caused a semi-turbulent voyage.30The gangplank’s gentle rocking motion was mesmerizing to watch.29Just a view from the top deck looking down at the water.31The infamous bathtub ring that surrounds the lake shows the dramatic fall of its water level.09A view of what once was a small pyramid-shaped island.15Another marina, which was moved from across the lake due to decreasing water levels.17Leaving land behind.08

Thanks to the GoPro’s amazing super wide-angle lens and it being mounted to a mono pod, I was able to capture unusual visuals that not even the tallest of the tall would see. Enjoy….

The Leg

Max wasn’t the most popular guy that ever lived, but he knew from an early age that he was gifted because his mother always told him he had a special leg. Nobody knows why Max’s mother filled her son’s mind with such nonsense, but Max believed her and it gave him a lifetime of reason and purpose for his otherwise unassuming life.

leg single-615Of course, having a special leg wasn’t without limitations, especially on job interviews and social dates when he would cut off one pant leg to showcase his most redeeming quality. Max is single and unemployed, but forever hopeful his hairy appendage will one day go down in history as the most extraordinary leg to ever walk the earth.


“I’m not a duck!”

birds 01-615

Dolores the duck never felt like she fit in with the other ducks in the neighborhood. She thought them to be boring and uninspired, but she was stuck on the pond with her birth family and somehow made the most of it, day after boring day.

Then autumn arrived one year and with it came the craziest flock of migrating hipsters she’d ever seen. She didn’t know what breed of waterfowl they were or where their home territory was, but she did know from that moment on she’d be in rehab within two years!

Miniature Hikers

by Steven Goth

I’ve always been fascinated with toys. As a child I would rush to the toy department of every store and stubbornly linger until my parents either bought me something or dragged me away empty-handed. Not much has changed over the years except now I drag myself away empty-handed to prevent a toy hoarding situation from overtaking my life!

This above image is a combination of elements: miniature people, rocks, and a photograph for the background. The miniature people are HO scale model train figures, not the most realistic available, but give the picture a bit of playfulness with their toyish appearance. The background photo is actually a composite of three different locations, Red Rock Canyon, the Colorado River, and a local park. The rocks are…..well….just rocks I have collected over the years.

Using the HO figures in photography has been an exciting and new way for me to express my inner child. I’m not sure how serious I will take it, but for now it gives me a real reason to visit the toy department again.


The Pond

I visit Tule Springs with my 85yr old mother on a regular basis because she loves the serenity and grandness of the mature trees and sparkling ponds. However, as a photographer having shot hundreds of photos of the park, it’s difficult to come up with something new. Every once in a while my eye does catch something I haven’t noticed before as with the above image of tree branches reflecting in the pond. What I like most about the shot is the tree’s reflection mimics a shadow or young trees growing up from the edge of the pond and that changes our mental perception of what is real.

Another photo I like from the day’s shoot is this older man sitting by the edge of the pond. The simplicity of the scene made me smile as I watched the bird swim over to greet him in hope a tasty morsel would be tossed into the water.


Of course, no day at the pond would be complete without the humorous dancing antics of a goose drying off its feathers after a swim. All it needed was a good disco song and a mirror ball.



“A best friend does not lead or follow, they walk beside you on the trail of life.”

This poster was inspired by a thirty-something year friendship with my walking partner and best friend, Gloria. We’ve shared many exciting and unusual adventures exploring the trails and parks around our busy metropolis in the Mojave desert. It’s more than a mutual desire to exercise and be outdoors that compels us to get our butts off the chair, it’s also about sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences with someone who truly understands, appreciates, and loves you.

Life is quick, so call a friend and start walking today! Your body needs it and your spirit will thrive on it.