The Desert Princess

Lake Mead Cruises is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. We booked a mid-day sightseeing cruise, but they also offer a champagne brunch cruise or a dinner cruise. The tour takes about an hour and half and you have a choice of three decks. The lower deck has table seating, the middle deck has a snack and beverage bar, and the open top deck surrounds you with panoramic views of the lake and mountains.

The hills and curves of the road to the harbor is like riding a roller coaster, but driving like and Indy race car drive isn’t suggested!02The Desert Princess approaching her dock.23Private marina.18Floating dock.04Deckhands doing deckhand stuff.16Cement blocks keep the Desert Princess dock from floating across the lake.20Entrance bridge.19Rain shower in the distance dropping water on Las Vegas..25We couldn’t figure out where these working men were going or what their profession was.22Passengers enjoying the view from the top deck.06This is the deep canyon in which Hoover Dam is built.12It wasn’t easy climbing these stairs in rough water!24Boaters are following the rules because not a piece of litter could be seen anywhere.13From this angle the water’s amazing color was captivating.28I enjoyed watching the waves crash against the hull of the boat.33The power wheel.07A windy day caused a semi-turbulent voyage.30The gangplank’s gentle rocking motion was mesmerizing to watch.29Just a view from the top deck looking down at the water.31The infamous bathtub ring that surrounds the lake shows the dramatic fall of its water level.09A view of what once was a small pyramid-shaped island.15Another marina, which was moved from across the lake due to decreasing water levels.17Leaving land behind.08

Thanks to the GoPro’s amazing super wide-angle lens and it being mounted to a mono pod, I was able to capture unusual visuals that not even the tallest of the tall would see. Enjoy….


Beautiful landscapes are filled with natural inspiration simply because they exists on such a grand scale, but man-made landscapes are also interesting as they can tell a story through perspective instead of awe.

BleachersOddly enough this picture is comforting to me now, but as a kid it would have been a nightmare as most of my childhood bullying occurred during gym class in school. However, to this very day the sound of cheers and yells during a sporting event give me a quick flash of anxiety. I prefer the silence of an empty field.


Posterhood prints are unique because of their processing technique the photographer, Steven Goth, refers to as Fluidscaped which results in stunning images that keep their richness and depth at any viewing angle. Up close, the photograph surprises with an unusual fluidity, as if the colors have melted together. Rock, wood, and foliage are especially striking. A fluidscaped image retains its depth when printed on all types of paper, but really commands attention when printed on fine quality canvas as it then toggles gracefully between photography and art, depending on the distance you view it from.

This image square is a magnified section of The Morning Dew. (full image shown below) The fluidity of shapes and colors form a gentle design that when viewed from a distance recreates itself back into a clear and vivid image. Take the fluidscaped test and back away from the computer screen and watch the image sharpen.


Part of what gives an image clarity and depth is its resolution when printed. Any image that is printed at a third or fourth of its original size will produce great results. The fluidscaped image, however, takes a few actual steps beyond basic print resolution by creating a virtual resolution that increases when viewed from a distance.

NOTE – The fluidscaped process was the result of trial and error and developed slowly over the years exclusively by and for Steven Goth. And just like a family recipe, the exact how-to ingredients will not be shared publicly or privately. (Not to say a patient photographer with digital skills couldn’t figure it out.)


By Steven Goth

Creating the visual elements for a poster is easy, but coming up with titles and descriptions to go with the creation is entirely out of my comfort zone. Every once in a while an image speaks so clearly about itself that a title comes naturally. Other times, I couldn’t come up with a title if there were only ten total words in the English language! Today is one of those other times as I cannot think of anything to write in the title box of this poster.

So, I thought I’d try a new approach and ask my friends, all of which are creative in one way or the other, to help me title this poster. What’s the first thought or emotion that comes to mind when you look at this picture? Please leave your ideas in the Write Stuff section below.