The Leg

Max wasn’t the most popular guy that ever lived, but he knew from an early age that he was gifted because his mother always told him he had a special leg. Nobody knows why Max’s mother filled her son’s mind with such nonsense, but Max believed her and it gave him a lifetime of reason and purpose for his otherwise unassuming life.

leg single-615Of course, having a special leg wasn’t without limitations, especially on job interviews and social dates when he would cut off one pant leg to showcase his most redeeming quality. Max is single and unemployed, but forever hopeful his hairy appendage will one day go down in history as the most extraordinary leg to ever walk the earth.


“I’m not a duck!”

birds 01-615

Dolores the duck never felt like she fit in with the other ducks in the neighborhood. She thought them to be boring and uninspired, but she was stuck on the pond with her birth family and somehow made the most of it, day after boring day.

Then autumn arrived one year and with it came the craziest flock of migrating hipsters she’d ever seen. She didn’t know what breed of waterfowl they were or where their home territory was, but she did know from that moment on she’d be in rehab within two years!