Miniature Hikers

by Steven Goth

I’ve always been fascinated with toys. As a child I would rush to the toy department of every store and stubbornly linger until my parents either bought me something or dragged me away empty-handed. Not much has changed over the years except now I drag myself away empty-handed to prevent a toy hoarding situation from overtaking my life!

This above image is a combination of elements: miniature people, rocks, and a photograph for the background. The miniature people are HO scale model train figures, not the most realistic available, but give the picture a bit of playfulness with their toyish appearance. The background photo is actually a composite of three different locations, Red Rock Canyon, the Colorado River, and a local park. The rocks are…..well….just rocks I have collected over the years.

Using the HO figures in photography has been an exciting and new way for me to express my inner child. I’m not sure how serious I will take it, but for now it gives me a real reason to visit the toy department again.