The Pond

I visit Tule Springs with my 85yr old mother on a regular basis because she loves the serenity and grandness of the mature trees and sparkling ponds. However, as a photographer having shot hundreds of photos of the park, it’s difficult to come up with something new. Every once in a while my eye does catch something I haven’t noticed before as with the above image of tree branches reflecting in the pond. What I like most about the shot is the tree’s reflection mimics a shadow or young trees growing up from the edge of the pond and that changes our mental perception of what is real.

Another photo I like from the day’s shoot is this older man sitting by the edge of the pond. The simplicity of the scene made me smile as I watched the bird swim over to greet him in hope a tasty morsel would be tossed into the water.


Of course, no day at the pond would be complete without the humorous dancing antics of a goose drying off its feathers after a swim. All it needed was a good disco song and a mirror ball.