The Desert Princess

Lake Mead Cruises is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. We booked a mid-day sightseeing cruise, but they also offer a champagne brunch cruise or a dinner cruise. The tour takes about an hour and half and you have a choice of three decks. The lower deck has table seating, the middle deck has a snack and beverage bar, and the open top deck surrounds you with panoramic views of the lake and mountains.

The hills and curves of the road to the harbor is like riding a roller coaster, but driving like and Indy race car drive isn’t suggested!02The Desert Princess approaching her dock.23Private marina.18Floating dock.04Deckhands doing deckhand stuff.16Cement blocks keep the Desert Princess dock from floating across the lake.20Entrance bridge.19Rain shower in the distance dropping water on Las Vegas..25We couldn’t figure out where these working men were going or what their profession was.22Passengers enjoying the view from the top deck.06This is the deep canyon in which Hoover Dam is built.12It wasn’t easy climbing these stairs in rough water!24Boaters are following the rules because not a piece of litter could be seen anywhere.13From this angle the water’s amazing color was captivating.28I enjoyed watching the waves crash against the hull of the boat.33The power wheel.07A windy day caused a semi-turbulent voyage.30The gangplank’s gentle rocking motion was mesmerizing to watch.29Just a view from the top deck looking down at the water.31The infamous bathtub ring that surrounds the lake shows the dramatic fall of its water level.09A view of what once was a small pyramid-shaped island.15Another marina, which was moved from across the lake due to decreasing water levels.17Leaving land behind.08

Thanks to the GoPro’s amazing super wide-angle lens and it being mounted to a mono pod, I was able to capture unusual visuals that not even the tallest of the tall would see. Enjoy….


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  1. I really enjoyed seeing Lake Mead tour. Thanks Steve for the trip down memory lane of how the lake use to be. I knew there was a “bathtub” ring around the lake but just didn’t know it was that bad. You captured some really pretty shots. Keep the pics coming.

    • I remember seeing the lake in the early 1980’s when the water levels reached maximum capacity and utilized the dam’s overflow tunnels. It was a fascinating site to see. I hope the future gives us many rainy seasons, otherwise I worry about the life expectancy of Las Vegas.

    • The GoPro is an amazing little camera for the price. Our problem is we have four video cameras and never know which one to use for the situation. Both of our Nikons have a video setting, which offer great quality pictures with rather poor sound. The Sony has incredible zoom power with great sound, but is a bit cumbersome to operate. The GoPro has a super wide angle lens, but is limited on settings.

      In the end, we use whatever camera we didn’t forget to put in the camera bag!

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