By Steven Goth

Creating the visual elements for a poster is easy, but coming up with titles and descriptions to go with the creation is entirely out of my comfort zone. Every once in a while an image speaks so clearly about itself that a title comes naturally. Other times, I couldn’t come up with a title if there were only ten total words in the English language! Today is one of those other times as I cannot think of anything to write in the title box of this poster.

So, I thought I’d try a new approach and ask my friends, all of which are creative in one way or the other, to help me title this poster. What’s the first thought or emotion that comes to mind when you look at this picture? Please leave your ideas in the Write Stuff section below.



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  1. I think it could be a sort of inspirational photo, to me, this looks like you are at peace finally home after a long time away, so my thoughts for the caption “Life is not a race but indeed a wonderful journey through it”

    • That’s a lovely quote, Elaine. You understood just what I was asking for as I want to include meaningful text or titles on some of my posters. People are more inclined to hang a landscape in their home or office if it gives them something extra to think about. One of my best selling posters is titled Bravery and has the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor written across it.

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