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    • Sabrina cracks me up in that picture. I like the slider, but as with all things it has a glitch. The good about it is the prevention of spam messages, yet it keeps marking MY response comments as spam! haha It’s doing it because I’m responding from inside of the blog and bypassing the slider. Small price to pay, I suppose.

  1. Just as I was about to say that I couldn’t type in this box, I thought I’d just test-type in Facebook, and I realised it was my keyboard that had stopped working! A re-boot crashed my PC and it wouldn’t load Windows – just kept starting up and shutting down! Much dismay, twiddling and an hour later, I’m back! So far so good – fingers crossed!
    So yeah..the website looks cool and the comments section works a treat!
    🙂 Rob x

    • Well then….your comment is a very important one, Rob, especially after traveling so far and crossing such hurdles just to get here! Thank you for the determination to be helpful.

    • Thank you Piers. I’m not expecting many comments on this website, but I hate the usual blog comment template and wanted to try something different. Not only that, having a sliding or floating comment area helps to stop the messages sent out by spammers.

  2. Very pretty. Would love to be able to catch things the way you do. Love the new “It” girl too. Marlo would be jealous.

    • Hey! That dogfaced girl is actually our dog, Sabrina, wearing a wig! Better watch what you say about her…she can be a nasty bitch! 🙂

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